Campus Santos

With approximately 2,000 m2, RED HOUSE Santos was built from scratch to receive students from Early Childhood Education and Elementary School in an innovative architectural project.

Wide and dynamic, the school facilities take into account each and every student developmental stage. The project priority was the integration between spaces of coexistence and learning, emphasizing contact with nature.

Thus, spaces such as the library, cafeteria and indoor playground integrate with the external areas, ensuring ventilation, lighting and clean air.  Early Childhood Education classrooms, in turn, have private balconies, which act as an extension of the learning environment.

The main building also has an outdoor terrace for pedagogical activities and social interaction among elementary school students.

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Campus Santos
Av. Rei Alberto I, 327
Ponta da Praia, Santos – SP
CEP: 11030-381
F: +55 13 97406-4133 (whatsapp)